Musicians, sound producers, engineers and other creative people of our sphere are always in search of new solutions, sound and style. Continuous improvement and striving for the ideal has always been the engine of progress in any sphere, including music.

Such an important stage of sound production, as mixing requires a lot of attention about the choice of studio monitors. One of the important parameters when mixing is the fact that your music should sound good not only on good and expensive equipment, but also on the radio, in the car and even on the phone.

Two years ago, I began to think about monitors that allow you to do this, which would give a good middle frequencies, but at the same time, we worked out the basses cleanly and accurately, did not hum and did not add a residual sound effect, and had a quick response.

In collaboration with engineers and specialists in acoustics, as well as examining the experience of classic vintage and modern samples, was made in-house development - DKM Cube Monitors

Built on a 125mm high quality speakers base, in a 15mm plywood case with special stiffeners and special sound-absorbing material, the monitors give you exactly the sound that this classic model requires - if your mix sounds good to them, it will sound good everywhere.

The monitor is a classic cube 17x17x17 centimeters, impedance 8 ohms, 50 watts RMS. The frequency range of 67 Hz - 22 kHz.

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I listened to the DKM Cube as part of a test involving several studio monitors from well-known manufacturers. I liked the very clean middle (this is especially noticeable in comparison with the "Avantone"), bright and detailed high frequencies. In general, for my hearing “spoiled” by electronic music - a high-quality and modern sound. Recommend.

Dmitry Fenko, DJ Black Cat

The speakers have a good stereo base, a good middle, the sound is transparent and the mix has a rather detailed sound.

Yurij Subotin, composer, SPACESYNTH Project ZONA-X